for Dandruff

at My Hair Loss Clinic


Dandruff is one of the most common conditions with chronic and seasonal conditions. It is a non-contagious and painless phenomenon.

The scalp is a particularly sensitive place that is exposed to numerous external stimuli that directly affect the condition of the hair and skin.

The goal of the trichologist is the quick removal of dry dandruff and repair of the skin’s protective barrier and conduct a series of treatments.

Apart from the curative nature, the treatments are a great form of aromatherapy due to the content of high-quality essential oils usually obtained from organic farming. They are combined with a relaxing massage, which soothes the nerve endings and in combination with the smell puts you in blissful relaxation.

Treatments usually last 30-60 minutes. They can be carried out once a week or every two weeks, usually in a series of 6-10 treatments.

Procedures carried out in the salon vary depending on the intensity of the problem and the patient’s expectations or preferences. Treatments are carried out by washing the scalp, the use of equipment, such as oxygen infusion technology or without.

All forms are effective. When examining the scalp and looking at it under a trichoscope, the specialist selects the best method which will be suited.

The effects are visible after the first treatment. After a series of treatments, booster treatments are recommended once every 2-3 months.

To get effective dandruff remedies, the treatment in the salon must be combined with professional products in the home.