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Oxygen infusion for baldness

Every cell of our body needs oxygen to live. It is no different in the case of hair – they need oxygen for life processes, i.e. a sufficiently long hair cycle, correct size of the bulb and a thick, shiny stem. In times when the pace of life promotes stress, which weakens microcirculation on the scalp, the right amount of oxygen is not supplied to the hair cells.

So how can you supply oxygen to your hair follicles to help yourself?

Oxygen infusion is a great solution. It involves introducing high molecular oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin using high pressure. Oxygen is concentrated to an average of 93-96%. Depending on the pressure, the treatment is dedicated to various skin problems. Using a pressure of 1-2 bar, we operate mainly by injecting active substances from ampoules or trichological lotions selected individually for the patient’s issue. This pressure works well for issues with excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. A pressure of 3 bars and more has an effect on skin dermatoses. Sodium chloride is also used in this case.

High oxygen condensation during the treatment works favorably against anaerobic propriobacterium acne bacteria, whose colonization leads to acne, and in the case of the scalp, inflammation of the hair follicle.

Oxygen infusion accelerates inflammation healing and regeneration processes. Oxygen accelerates metabolism, which improves the blood supply to our skin and the speed of providing nutrients to the hair follicles. Therefore, the procedure will undoubtedly work for hair loss caused by chronic stress, where the blood supply to the skin is disturbed.

The treatment has no complications or side effects. It can also be used by pregnant and lactating women. As with all treatments, it is worth doing it in a series that is best agreed individually with your trichologist.

Darsonvalization of the scalp

Purpose: treatment for people with excessive hair loss, oily hair and dandruff.

The effect of the treatment: strengthened and nourished hair, inhibition of excessive greasiness, reduction and removal of dandruff.

Description: The treatment involves the use of high-frequency currents to increase the blood supply to the skin and nourish the hair follicles, which is important in inhibiting the progression of hair loss (alopecia), which results in regrowth of healthy and strong hair. Darsonvalization of the scalp does not have one application, it also works in the fight against dandruff, inhibits excessive greasy hair and has a healing effect on seborrheic alopecia.