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This is the most durable and effective method based to eliminate the damage to the structure of the hair shaft. It is definitely stronger and more durable than regeneration, which is why it is intended for other types of hair – very dry and damaged. It always consists of a series of treatments usually carried out at intervals of 2 weeks, the amount depends on the degree of damage.

During subsequent sessions, damaged batches are gradually rebuilt thanks to the ingredients with filling properties such as proteins. The obtained effects does not disappear immediately after the next washing, on the contrary, the hair looks healthier by giving them shine, elasticity and gloss. It is worth having booster treatments performed once every 3-6 months.

The reconstruction procedure can be carried out using specialized hairdressing equipment that will intensify the penetration of active ingredients deep into the hair.

After treatment, the hair becomes thicker, more resistant to external factors by giving the proper hydrolipid coat on the surface of the hair, restoring it to its original condition.

A very important element in the process of hair reconstruction is proper and careful postoperative management, i.e. avoiding factors that damage the hair structure, using the recommended shampoos, masks and elixirs that will surround the hair with a protective film every day.

The treatment is recommended for people with a high rate of hair fiber damage. For hair often subjected to hairdressing chemistry, people commonly using a straightener, dryer, who deal with adverse external factors such as the sun, low, high temperature on a daily basis, or people with naturally weaker or porous hair.

Colloquially speaking, for holders of the proverbial “hay” on the head, i.e. frizzy hair, difficult to style, porous with split ends.