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Oxygen infusion for psoriasis

Delivery of the active substance with the support of oxygen infusion which strongly supports reaching into the substance and also under the influence of oxygen improves skin condition

Psoriasis ampoule
Rubbing an ampoule with psoriasis active substances. The rubbing is carried out with a proper massage in order to reach the substance inside the skin to balance the skin environment.

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Psoriasis scales should be removed before surgery
Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease involving excessive keratinization of the epidermis and the formation of patches on the surface of human skin in a recurrent manner. By itself, it does not hurt, but at the time of infection of the efflorescence, the skin itches and burns, which impairs the patient’s quality of life. Psoriasis is also a shameful and very troublesome disease. There is no effective medicine for it that will cure the patient. Fighting the disease consists in eliminating the scales along with its recurring growth.

The treatment of skin affected by psoriatic scales involves thorough cleansing of the head of calloused epidermis and residual toxins in the deeper parts of the hair follicle. The skin should be cleaned of deposits of serum, calloused epidermis, bacteria, fungi and yeast residing on the skin. The treatment is based on the use of essential oils.

Of course, depending on the severity of psoriatic foci, the procedure should be repeated appropriately until the skin condition is alleviated.