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This is one of the most important elements of hair care.
It allows you to get rid of dead skin, cleanses, refreshes and improves blood supply to the scalp.
Thanks to the peeling, hair growth is accelerated, the bulbs strengthened, and excessive hair loss is effectively reduced. Regular cleansing of the scalp from dead skin is a simple way to take care not only of the scalp, but also of the hair. This simple procedure brings many benefits:

  • perfectly cleanses the scalp of keratinized epidermis
  • thoroughly cleanses hair of dandruff and impurities
  • extends hair freshness by up to 1-2 days
  • reflects hair at the roots, so they have more volume
  • improves blood supply to the scalp and nourishes the hair roots
  • can strengthen hair and accelerate hair growth

The scalp also needs systematic cleansing and exfoliation so that it can function properly. If we have problems with the scalp, such as seborrhea, LZS, itching or dandruff. Scalp peeling should be done once a week. Of course, the scalp peeling is also recommended for people who have no problems with the skin and hair loss in order to maintain good condition and balance of the scalp. Peeling can be used by both women and men as a prophylactic cleansing of the scalp, and in the case of skin and hair problems to prepare the skin for the intake of nutrients and active substances contained in trichological preparations.

When peeling, all impurities on the scalp and clogging hair follicles are removed. They are mainly: excess of calloused epidermis, sebum and sweat, which form the so-called crystallization layer – a greasy layer lying on the skin. In addition to the crystallization layer, the peeling removes the remains of care and styling preparations used every day.

The massage accompanying the peeling together with the active ingredients of the peeling increases microcirculation in the scalp, oxygenates it and nourishes the hair follicles. As a result, the skin better absorbs regenerative preparations that inhibit hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Therefore, a scalp peeling is necessary in trichological treatments and before mesotherapy.

A properly selected preparation will definitely cope with dandruff, itching or excessive greasiness. Performing peeling leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness and lightness on the scalp.

How often should we do the peeling of the scalp

Scalp peeling is a basic procedure that everyone should do at least twice a month. It allows our hair to properly nourish and breathe, thanks to which we lose less hair every day and thus we keep lush hair for life.

The effects of the procedure
You will assess the effects yourself within five minutes after the first treatment. Peeling hair is more ‘reflected’ at the root, the skin is nourished, lasts longer in freshness, reduces itching of the scalp, redness disappears, hair becomes stronger.