Trichology by Izabela JANCIK


Look and feel the way you deserve!


Trichology focuses on the diseases or issues of the hair and scalp as well as their treatments.
A Trichologist is a specialist dealing with the hair and scalp. In our clinic the trichologist’s task is to thoroughly analyse the condition of the scalp, bulbs, hair stalks and to determine the cause of hair loss and recommend the correct trichological treatment.


My passion for the hairdressing industry started 27 years ago and this has driven me to look at the various types of hair and scalp treatments.
This was the driving force behind me studying trichology and opening My Hair Loss Clinic to help my clients with their issues.


We offer a wide range of services, from consultations using trichoscopy to diagnose your issues and recommend various treatments.
The products we use have active ingredients which are eco-friendly and chemical and paraben free.

The products are also organic and vegan and ammonia free and importantly cruelty free and are supplied in BPA free bottles.


Our natural line of dermocosmetics are created from a passion to make the best haircare products.

The line of products contain peptides and extracts that are not found in other trichological products. The wealth of vitamins and active substances help to resolve issues of the scalp.

They have also been created to improve the appearance of the hair, rebuild the skin, regulate inflammation and stimulate hair growth, We focus on quality to give our clients the the best results.

The active ingredients include extracts from sabal palm, burdock roots and herbs. Other ingredients include pantenol, acid milk, hydrolised keratine, teatree oil, beeswax, angelica archangelica, goji berries, white mulberries, pine resin, allantoin, urea and eucalyptus oil.